Grace is the divine influence on the heart of a man and it is reflected or expressed outwardly.
In other words, it is the out-working of a divine inward influence in your heart through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.
Grace is the glory of God working in a man’s spirit. The Greek word for grace is ‘ Charis ’. It beautifies the spirit and would always show on the outside.
Grace functions at different levels in our life. It locates you and brings you into the good place at the right and opportune time.
Some people do define Grace as “unmerited favor ” but this definition is from a negative point of view and is somewhat limited.
There is such a thing as to increase in grace, to grow ( Auxano). As Christians, the Bible admonishes us to grow in grace even as we grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Don’t work against Grace in other people; acknowledge, respect and help grow it when you find it manifesting in others around you.
The Grace of God can be seen in what it produces; as much as Grace is a divine working on the inside of a man, it manifests itself on the outside of a man in diverse ways:
There is always something about a man/woman with Grace that attracts people to him her.
Grace singles you out; they just don’t know why they are attracted towards you. Grace has got nothing to do with one’s status, profession or gender.
You can turn on grace in your life; God gives you more Grace as you put to use the Grace He already made available to you. Grace causes nature to respond to you and there are levels of Grace at which different Christians function. It should be your desire to function at the highest level of Grace possible.
Grace brings and gives you the Advantage. As a Christian, you need to ALWAYS be conscious of the Grace of God upon your life, this is what makes it work and you need to recognize that you have got grace working for you.
You do not need to struggle for/with anything in your life, if you put the Grace to work, it will deliver them to you, on a platter. Hallelujah!
Grace is the glory of God working in a man’s spirit and it beautifies. Only the man with Grace recognizes Grace. Never try to work against Grace in a man’s life; one who does it, fights against the Source of Grace; Deity.
Grace brings you FAVOUR. Good is turned towards the man with Grace and forgiveness always knocks at his door.
Even when he seems to have made great mistakes, the Grace of God speaks for him. To work in Grace means to work in and with divine influence. It makes you have the mentality of “if I want anything, I will get it!”
You are God’s trophy, and He wants everyone in the world to know how much he loves you. He is the ‘I am’ and you are the ‘in Him’. There is no need for the struggles and the worry wrinkles.
Grace is available to deliver favour to you. Favour that comes by Grace comes by divine influence. Hallelujah! All He says is “yield to my Word”.
4. JOY.
Grace brings about Joy; joy indescribable and unspeakable. As a Christian working in grace, let Joy work out through your life. When you take advantage of grace, the world will not be able to explain how you are always up there.
Where they let worries and the cares of this life control them, they do not understand how you have become a distributor of joy. With grace in your life, you become dauntless even in seemingly difficult situations. When challenges come to you look inwards for the solution, because you know that: THE BIGGER THE PROBLEM, THE BIGGER THE TESTIMONY.
Grace brings LIBERALITY into our lives. You have got to recognize that Grace opens a two way channel; it is called giving and a receiving channel.
Recognize that giving is a Grace. When Grace opens up that passion to give; it also opens up your CAPACITY to receive.
Grace brings about PLEASURE. Do you know that Pleasure comes spiritually and that you can take pleasure in all that God has created? Your life is for Him; recognizing this makes everything in your life pleasurable and yet pleasing to God.
Now, Grace brings about a kind and happy pleasure that should make you appreciate the people and the things in your life.
7. GIFT.
Grace brings GIFTs into my life. Grace brings about an uncanny ability to do what others cannot do. This can manifest itself by form of a skill, quality and understanding of certain areas.
It’s important that you recognize the gift of God upon you and put it to use, it makes God’s power to come upon it.
The Scripture is laden with accounts explaining how God has given us the measure of Grace. Much more, we have a huge role to play in making sure that the purpose for the Grace is accomplished.
God expects us to put His Grace to work by careful study and meditation on His Word, which is the Word of Grace.
Make up your mind to put to work the GRACE upon your life, in this year of (Triumph). You can decide to put to test the grace upon your life and you can be sure that your testimonies will be those of unprecedented manifestations of the Holy Ghost.
Excerpt From the Message
Increase In Grace
Chris Oyakhilome PhD