“Are you enjoying your Christian Life?”

2 Corinthians 13 v 5, 6

(This scripture was written by the Apostle Paul to the Corinthian Church as a final warning)

Reprobate = an unprincipled person

But we are not reprobates; we are a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nature……

Maybe you are:

1) Doing things right but you are not doing the right things?

Do you Struggle to do the right things?

The owner of your house (God) is not impressed because the right thing is spirituality which takes the struggle out for the grace to function. This is key.


The Law” is to do things right often with a struggle.

Are Christians under “The Law” today? NO

Read Romans 6v14 to be certain of this in scripture.

1) “The Law” is Logical and Logic produces order.

Definition of Logical is straight thinking, sound reasoning, analytical; expected or sensible under the circumstances you face.


2) Faith – faith produces miracles which is the spirituality of grace.

Definition of Faith in Hebrews 11v1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen)


1) Once your faith is functioning your faith is increasing.  Grace is then working and increasing too.

The same applies to the following however…..

2) When you are operating logically, you become legalistic (more logical)

Definition of legalistic is strict adherence to law or prescription.  That is you do things to the letter rather than the spirit.

So in Point 2 above, too much law – the law, the law, and the law brings condemnation, disillusionment, disappointment etc especially when you miss the mark.

Logic would and could prevent you from coming to church as you ought.

Logic would and could tell you to listen to your body and act accordingly.

Logic would and could make you look at your finances and prevent you from paying your tithe to God.

And the list goes on and on.

I’ll ask you again “Are you enjoying your Christian Life?”  Christ did it all that we may have a life to the full right here on earth, right now. Anything short of this in your life has to be addressed.

When we operate logically, the bible is clear that we are operating under the Law (Just like the Children of Israel) and as such have fallen from grace.

Read Galatians 5v4 to confirm what I am saying here.

When this happens, when you find yourself struggling, it is a good time to stop and ask yourself the following:

“Am I doing what God wants me to do?”

Don’t remove yourself out of faith because logic wants to kick in.

If you don’t enjoy your Christian Life, there is no way you will be able to encourage others in this respect.  This doesn’t produce results and certainly not permanent results in your life.

When you stop to re-evaluate/re-examine your life in Christ, it is good to take note of the following:

1) Take the Word and the matter in hand to the Lord and ask Him, “what do you want me to do for/with this church you have given me, this choir, this cell, this person, this my family, my job, my finances…and so on…then listen.  At this point stop talking and never complain.

This way you are guaranteed an answer and guaranteed that you will go forward doing the right things for God.

2) He doesn’t need your logical thinking, He has instructed us, His Children, to walk by Faith and under Grace.

Your salvation is by grace alone so quit struggling, quit the striving and quit the trying to get it right.

Salvation by Grace only and not good works is good news for you today.

There is an example of what I am referring to today in Scripture:-

It is about 2 sisters found in Luke 10 vs 38-42.  Please read it for yourself.  It is about Mary and Martha and clearly defines the 2 examples of Logic vs Faith.

1) Jesus came to visit Mary and Martha (vs 38)

2) Mary sat at the feet of Jesus to listen to all he had to impart into her life (v39)

3) Martha was weighed down, burdened (cumbered) with serving Jesus (preparing food, cleaning, organisation all etc) (v40)

4) Martha is very upset and can’t hold it in.  She comes to Jesus to report her “lazy” sister, as she sees it, and demands that Jesus orders Mary to help her (v40)

5) Jesus, as always, calms her storm in love, He identifies her problem (“careful and troubled” = doing things right but struggling in the process of it all) and offers her the solution – the solution being what is the right thing she should have been doing” (v41, v42)


1) It has to be said that Martha was doing things right.  She was looking after her guest showing great hospitality.  Agreed?  Nothing she was doing was wrong.

2) Martha became logical and her language and behaviour changed as a result.  Aggression appeared showing us there was indeed an internal struggle going on.  (even if you do not get aggressive, sometimes tears tell the same story of struggle)

She even said to Jesus “Lord dost thou not care that my sister…..”

Have you ever said to God and others around you “does anybody really care” or even “you don’t care?” …. hello Martha.

3) Martha in her logical thinking was following the prescribed order.  It then becomes a routine, a way of doing things and carries very little, to no, fellowship of the Spirit.  She was missing out on the impartation from Jesus.  Yes doing things right but there was something far more important and needful than that……doing the right thing.

What was needed more than food or drink and carpet hovered or floor mopped or baking cakes, bread or double time at work, was to sit and listen to the Words of the Master that were eternal (v42).  A time of fellowship with the Lord, a time of prayer – when was the last time for you?

For you and me reading scripture today, it is symbolic of:

1) Grace vs Good Works

2) Grace vs Struggle

3) Faith vs Logic

In closing read Romans 14 vs 17-19

“For the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost”.

Life of Religion – Coming from Outside In

1) Are you after right living?

2) Are you after no peace, no rest?

3) Are you after happy living?

This life comes with much struggle, striving, good works to prove yourself, never measuring up, never making the mark.  In and out, up and down in your life.

However the Life of Christianity is “Coming from Inside Out”

1) Are you enjoying righteousness?

2) Are you enjoying peace? (that passes understanding (logic))

3) Are you enjoying joy? (unspeakable and full of glory.  It is not based on anything funny happening. You can laugh no matter what you face.

Choose the Life of Christianity – the God kind of Life.

Yes choose to enjoy your Christian life.  Choose to be happy.

Choose rest by casting your cares (and having cast them…don’t take them back)

Cease today from your struggling.

Receive and walk in the grace God has given you.

My guidance for you today is simply this:

Stop and examine your life in Christ.

Reposition if necessary.

Spend much time with the Holy Spirit in sincere fellowship and enjoy it so much.

Isn’t the Name of Jesus all you need?