Why Should I Buy Ministry Materials?

The “Word In You” brings you “Increased Ability & Knowledge”. It reveals “God’s Recipe For Success” and you function with “3 Kinds of Wisdom and with 3 Kinds of Knowledge”, “Energising Your Spirit For Victory”.

With the “Extraordinary Strategist” and the right “Attitude”, you start “Making Wise Choices” and live the “Overcoming Life” where “Anything is Possible”, thereby increasing your “Success Motivation” and you can begin fulfilling your purpose.

Having the right “Perspectives in Prayer”, brings you “Christ Consciousness”, an “Audacity of Faith” and the “Lordship of Jesus Christ”.

You begin “Praying the Right Way” and are filled with the “Fullness of God”. You also start “Anticipating Evil” and become the “Word At Work” having the “Power For Change” and “Faith to Change Your World”.

If These Things Be In You” there is “Something To Shout About”, “Activating The Power” and “Recreating Your World” where there is no sickness or infirmity.

With our ministry materials we become “The Beautiful People of The Beloved Country” where there are “None Of These Diseases”.
Do you want to grow? Our ministry materials are full of God’s Word for your life. You will come back with a testimony to share.

God Bless You
Pastor Elaine
CE Belfast