Relive the inspiring moments as Pastor Chris declares July 2016, ‘the Month of Increased Wealth’!

The BLW President ushered the global congregation at the July Communion Service into a new season of unprecedented financial prosperity as he declared this month, ‘the Month of Increased Wealth‘!

Relive the moments as the man of God gave the word of the month in the featured video excerpt. “It is a special month…a sudden rise, by the Holy Ghost that dwelleth in us,” Pastor Chris says.

BLW citizens step into increased grace released into the ministry through prophetic utterance.

The Lord has said that the grace that He has given us in this ministry has been mightily increased,” Pastor Chris began to declare by the Spirit during yesterday’s Global Communion Service.

Inspiration, strength and visions were imparted to the global congregation with every word of power released. The Spirit, through the man of God, said “I have given you the nations of the world to possess them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” These words call to remembrance the mandate to distribute 250 million copies of the Messenger Angel this year.

Receive God’s prophetic word to you in the featured highlights from yesterday’s Communion Service.